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Numbering product name The index number CAS NO. Swatch
ZB-D-16 Direct Fast Red 4GE Direct red 277 --- 直接耐晒大红 4GE
ZB-D-17 Direct Violet BK Direct violet 9 6227-14-1 直接紫BK
ZB-D-18 Direct Fast Violet BB Direct violet 51 5489-77-0 直接耐晒紫 BB
ZB-D-19 Direct Blue 2B Direct blue 6 2602-46-2 直接蓝 2B
ZB-D-20 Direct Sky Blue 5B Direct blue 15 2429-74-5 直接湖蓝 5B
ZB-D-21 Direct Fast Blue B2RL Direct blue 71 4399-55-7 直接耐晒蓝 B2RL
ZB-D-22 Direct Fast Turquoise Blue GL Direct blue 86 1330-38-7 直接耐晒翠蓝 GL
ZB-D-23 Direct Fast Blue FFRL Direct blue 108 1324-58-9 直接耐晒兰 FFRL
ZB-D-24 Direct Copper Blue 2B Direct blue 151 110735-25-6 直接铜蓝 2B
ZB-D-25 Direct Fast Turquoise Blue FBL Direct blue 199 12222-04-7 直接耐晒翠蓝 FBL
ZB-D-26 Direct Green BE Direct green 1 3626-28-6 直接墨绿 BE
ZB-D-27 Direct Brown D3G Direct brown 1 3811-71-0 直接黄棕 D3G
ZB-D-28 Direct Brown MM Direct brown 2 2429-82-5 直接深棕 MM
ZB-D-29 Direct Grey D Direct black 17 2945-96-2 直接灰 D
ZB-D-30 Direct Fast Black VSF 600 Direct black 22 6473-13-8 直接耐晒黑 VSF 600

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