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      Tianjin Zhaobo Chemical Co., Ltd. established in 1998, located in Baichuantong industrial park of Wangwenzhuang Town of Xiqing District in Tianjin. It covers an area of 4,000 square meters. Our company locates the geographical position superiorly, transportation convenient, has advantages of management锛宼echnical research and professional and technical personnel, holds a great future. Our company specialized in producing and selling dyestuffs, dye intermediates and so on, direct dyes annual capacity is 5000 tons, these products are serving to textile, paper, leather, incense, fodder and etc. Over many years efforts, with the principle of Quality First, Honest, Energy-saving and Emission-reduction, Optimize innovation, In 2012, we established another factory in Shandong, our fixed assets increase to 40 million RMB, Now our products are well sold all over the country and exported to Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. both at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation.

Numbering product name The index number CAS NO. Swatch
ZB-D-01 Direct Yellow R Direct yellow 11 1325-37-7 直接黄 R
ZB-D-06 Direct Fast Yellow PG Direct yellow 142 71902-08-4 直接耐晒黄 PG
ZB-D-07 Direct Orange S Direct orange 26 3626-36-6 直接橙S
ZB-D-08 Direct Fast Orange 2GL Direct orange 39 1325-54-8 直接耐晒橙 2GL
ZB-D-09 Direct Fast Red 4BS Direct red 23 3441-14-3 直接耐酸大红 4BS
ZB-D-10 Direct Red 4BE Direct red 28 573-58-0 直接大红 4BE
ZB-D-14 Direct Fast Red F2G Direct red 224 12222-48-9 直接耐晒大红 F2G
ZB-D-15 Direct Fast Rose FR Direct red 227 12222-51-4 直接耐晒玫红 FR
ZB-D-16 Direct Fast Red 4GE Direct red 277 --- 直接耐晒大红 4GE
ZB-D-20 Direct Sky Blue 5B Direct blue 15 2429-74-5 直接湖蓝 5B
ZB-D-21 Direct Fast Blue B2RL Direct blue 71 4399-55-7 直接耐晒蓝 B2RL
ZB-D-22 Direct Fast Turquoise Blue GL Direct blue 86 1330-38-7 直接耐晒翠蓝 GL
ZB-D-23 Direct Fast Blue FFRL Direct blue 108 1324-58-9 直接耐晒兰 FFRL
ZB-D-24 Direct Copper Blue 2B Direct blue 151 110735-25-6 直接铜蓝 2B
ZB-D-25 Direct Fast Turquoise Blue FBL Direct blue 199 12222-04-7 直接耐晒翠蓝 FBL
ZB-D-28 Direct Brown MM Direct brown 2 2429-82-5 直接深棕 MM
ZB-D-30 Direct Fast Black VSF 600 Direct black 22 6473-13-8 直接耐晒黑 VSF 600
ZB-A-12 Acid Black 10B Acid black 1 1064-48-8 酸性黑 10B
ZB-A-15 Acid Black ATT Acid black ATT --- 酸性毛元 ATT
ZB-D-33 Direct Black G Direct black 19 6428-31-5 直接耐晒黑G
ZB-B-01 Auramine O Basic yellow 2 2465-27-2 碱性嫩黄 O
ZB-B-06 Basic Violet 5BN Basic violet 3 548-62-9 碱性青莲 5BN
ZB-B-07 Rhodamine B Basic violet 10 81-88-9 碱性玫瑰精 B
ZB-A-16 Acid Blue FCF Acid Blue 9 2650-18-2 酸性蓝FCF
ZB-A-17 Acid Black NT Acid Black 210 99576-15-5 酸性黑NT
Tianjin Zhaobo Chemical Co., Ltd.
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